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Customer Reviews

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February 7, 2018: "I started using Woods Pest Control upon recommendations from my property management company.  I had a horrible rodent problem that had cost thousands of dollars of damages and with the help of Woods Pest Control it was under control immediately.  I now use Woods for several rentals and my own home.  It's worth every penny.  When I have pest control problems Woods Pest Control has the solution and educates me on what is going on so I can do my part.  I really want to thank Scott for doing a great job!  Now that he has become more familiar with my properties he is a real asset.  He is personable and knwledgeable lilke all of her technicians.  I recommend Woods to all my neighbors and friends."
January 23, 2018: "To everyone at Woods Pest Control-It was a real pleasure doing business with all of you.  A special thanks to Glenn and Shiloh.  The service was top notch.  I felt the concern of my situation and always received the best of service.  Everyone from the people on the phone to the technicians that have come to my home made me feel like my home mattered.  I definitely recommend Woods to all my friends and neighbors!" --Lisa, Mount Shasta.
January 23, 2018: "Shiloh is a very thorough and pleasant man, takes my concerns to heart.  I am very pleased with the service.   Thank you!"--Robyn, Redding.
December 14, 2017: "The service was great, no more fleas! Clint did a great job and he is a wonderful representative for your company.  I'm very happy with the outcome." --Patricia, Eureka.
October 31, 2017:  "I just wanted to let you know that the woman I spoke to on the phone this morning was super helpful and I really appreciate her professionalism and how efficient she was.  I spoke to Andy who sent a message to Shiloh right away.  Shiloh stopped by within a few hours.  My place is unusual and he really took the time to take in the whole picture and set forth suggestions.  He went into a creepy little room and tried to 'find the body' though I didn't ask or expect him to do so (exceeding expectations!).  I never felt like he was a salesman; I felt like I was speaking with a concerned friend but one who had the professional expertise to work towards a solution to my problem.  He was efficient, but also felt like he had all the time in the world to help me - and he really wanted to.  I had another Pest Control company before and they were very nice, but I am already happier with you guys.  So, I hope you will give Shiloh five big stars for today and do something nice for him too.  He is the kind of employee you will want to keep around for a long time.  Thanks again." --Sharon, Mount Shasta
October 26, 2017: "Our technician is so professional and friendly.  He really represents Woods in a positive light.  He is very respectful and goes out of his way to make sure all of our needs are being met.  I am so happy with him at work that I will be signing up for service at my home now."--Michelle, Mourt Shasta
October 25, 2017:  "Dave is a jewel, he is very thoughtful.  Dave went around the house, climbed underneath the inaccessivle parts to check everything.  He also reset traps that I put out. He is such a generous and able man.  Really and truly went out of his way to be helpful.  Woods is lucky to have a man like that working for them.  I know they have multiple Daves and if they are all like him, they must be the best outfit around." --Marti R., Corning
May 26, 2016:  "The ants are gone and I’m especially grateful to Tim for knowing how to psych out these profuse creatures. He’s incredibly skillful, and on top of that, has a great attitude and willingness to make extra efforts. Thank you Tim and Woods for making my home habitable again!"--Michelle B., Mount Shasta