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Lawn Care Services

The North State can offer difficulties in establishing and maintaining healthy lawns.  We deal with a variety of invasive weeds, insects and fungi that constantly attack our lawns causing stress, injury and unsightly turf. For this purpose, we have designed our lawn care service programs to accommodate your needs.
Basic Lawn Care Service Program
This program is designed to meet the nutritional needs of your lawn.  We use the best fertilizers at the appropriate times of the year to insure a healthy looking lawn.  We also use pre and post-emergent herbicides that suppress unwanted weeds.  The service includes fertilization every other month throughout the year, Broadleaf weed suppression, and Crabgrass suppression.  These services are offered in Redding and surrounding areas.

Premium Lawn Care Service Program
The Premium Service Program is more tailored to the specific needs of customers requiring a higher level of attention.  We will service your lawn on a monthly basis in order to provide that attention.
This service includes fertilization monthly, Broadleaf weed suppression, Crabgrass suppression, Bermuda grass suppression and Nut Sedge suppression.
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